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This is a  custom Wedding Guest Book where your guests can sign the animals and drop them in the frame for display. Will come with a stand and will have small wall hangers on back so you can display the way you want. This will include a custom 6" x 5" sign and a stand for the sign, The display frame will be 23.5" x 11.5" , It will come with 72 animals of 6 different types. There will be 12 of each: buffalo, wolf, fish, moose, mountain lion and bear. Can be just one of these if prefered just contact us to let us know. Feel free to contact us on other designs as well. Contact us at: Email for more information.

Custom Wedding Guest Book

  • For the Sign you can use our message or type your own above.

    Guest Book
    Please sign an Animal and drop it into the frame so we will always remember our loved ones who came.

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